How we work


The art of our salami making, a well-kept family secret, is the fruit of the knowledge of traditional methods. Each cut of meat becomes a gem in the hands of master artisans who, following the recipes of the past, transform raw material into salami with a unique and exclusive taste.

The strict rules of meat transformation allow for the production of salami in weekly cycles: the quality of the process and of our collaborators strongly characterize the first phase of production

Le severe regole di trasformazione consentono la produzione di salumi in cicli settimanali: la qualità del processo determina l’unicità delle proprietà organolettiche e le particolari tecnologie di confezionamento consentono di avere i prodotti interi, a tranci o pre affettati senza rinuciare al gusto e alla qualità.

We represent:

maximum quality in the workplace

high regulatory standards of the production cycle

use of thermal energy recovery systems and solar panels

a rigorous respect of health and hygiene standards

maximum respect of environmental regulations, eco-sustainable FSC certified packaging

the traceability of raw materials and supply chain

100% certified Italian